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Body Language Coach

Paula Bangels - Lichaamstaal en communicatie coach

Do you have everything going for you and still feel insecure from time to time?

You have a good job, you have everything you need to be happy and yet something gnaws at you.

You don’t know exactly what it is but it makes you feel insecure. Am I doing a good job? Can’t I get more out of it?

Do you feel you are not always listened to?

You’re sitting with your friends or family and the atmosphere is good. Yet you have the feeling that when you say something, people don’t really listen. Or that you are not really taken seriously.


You’re in a meeting with your team or with your boss and it seems like your opinion doesn’t matter.

Do you want to give a presentation and don’t know how and where to start?

You know you will be on a stage or in front of a group and fear strikes. Can I do that?

How do I do it? How do I hold their attention? What if they don’t listen to me? Don’t know where to start with your story? “How do I write that?” “How do I build my story?”

Do you sometimes feel like you have to repeat something ten times with no results?

You ask your partner to do something for you. But nothing happens. You ask your colleague for help or advice, but there is no response.

Are you struggling with something you don’t dare tell anyone?

Do you sometimes think, “I’m going to resign. ” But you hesitate because you don’t know “Then what?” Would you like to make different choices, would you like to change something in your life but are afraid of the consequences?


There is a solution for everything. Sometimes you need some courage to do so or a different insight or both.

I can help you with that. You cannot change others, but if you yourself change your behaviour or your pattern, the outside world will automatically change with you.

Qualified body language coach

What does a Body Language Coach do?

Paula Bangels - Lichaamstaal en communicatie coach


A body language coach is a professional who coaches people in improving their nonverbal communication skills, including gestures, facial expressions, posture and eye contact.

A body language coach can help individuals identify negative body language patterns that may be hindering their communication. I also provide strategies to improve your overall presence and message.

Paula Bangels - Lichaamstaal en communicatie coach


I work online as a body language coach. My online training and programs are designed to help and guide individuals in the wonderful world of body language.

Together we work on your specific needs and wishes. I also use video feedback to help clients analyse and improve their body language skills.

This can range from personal interactions to business communications.

Paula Bangels - Lichaamstaal en communicatie coach


I work online as a body language coach and a coach in communication at the same time.

Overall, a qualified body language coach can help individuals develop stronger communication skills, build more positive relationships, and improve their personal and professional presence.

My coachings are perfect to learn how to speak In public. They help you grow in your assertiveness.

My goal is to support vulnerable people or those lacking confidence, to feel safe.

My expertise comes from running a number of masterclasses, for a wilde range of companies, in the area of Leadership Development.

My focus is on:

  • Performance management 
  • Personal development
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Demonstrating the power of communication and behaviour
Paula Bangels - Lichaamstaal en communicatie coach

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What is my expertise?

Expertise as a qualified body language coach

Performance management

Presenting your story in such a way that it touches people and sets them in motion. What makes your story credible? What does your body language say?

Demonstrating the power of communication and behaviour

In our contact with others, the way we move through the world (walking, speaking, laughing, listening, fighting) is the key to success. Our behaviour speaks volumes.

Personal development

Examining your (unconscious) body language to discover who you really are. Develop your own authentic personality.

Non-verbal communication

How do you come across to the other person. And, vice versa: how can you read the non-verbal behaviour of the other person and respond well to it.

Paula Bangels - Lichaamstaal en communicatie coach

I graduated as an actress when I was 24. I always knew that I wanted to be in theatre for the rest of my life. My acting career began with the play: ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’ in Belgium in 1994. After being lucky enough to play many beautiful and interesting roles, I became a theatre director and I fell even more in love with all things theatre-related.

I worked as a Theatre Director for more than 20 years. During that time I delivered over 50 theatre productions in Belgium, The Netherlands and South Africa, in all sorts of different genres and styles.

I felt it was time to start my own Theatre Company that I named : De Spelerij / The Game Room roughly translated. We were lucky to be able to collaborate with the best classical and modern theatre producers, writers and actors. It was absolutely one of the better times in my life. 


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Paula Bangels - Lichaamstaal en communicatie coach